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Forth for the Membership Card
Computers are machines just like the marionette. They must be told exactly what to do, in specific language. And so we need a language which possesses two seemingly opposite traits: On the one hand, it must be precise in its meaning to the computer, conveying all the information that the computer needs to know to perform the operation. On the other hand, it must be simple and easy-to-use by the programmer.

From chapter "Introduction for Beginners", Leo Brodie, Starting FORTH https://www.forth.com/starting-forth/

rcforth and IDIOT Monitor on MSC

Mark Abene made FORTH work on the Memebership Card.

Modified version of Mike Riley's rcforth, ROM version. Changed to work with my modified version of IDIOT. Loads in at 0500h. You can get it from the COSMAC ELF yahoo group.
New version of IDIOT with SCRT routines, along with TYPE, MSG, READ, and INPUT routines for basic console I/O. Loads in at 0000h. You can get it from the COSMAC ELF yahoo group

I concatenated this two files as msc-forth.hex and converted to a binary file:

pi@cosmac:~/elf/forth $ cat idiot_new.hex forth.hex > msc-forth.hex
pi@cosmac:~/elf/forth $ hex2bin msc-forth.hex 
hex2bin v2.5, Copyright (C) 2017 Jacques Pelletier & contributors

Lowest address:   00000000
Highest address:  00001633
Starting address: 00000000
Max Length:       5684

Binary file start = 00000000
Records start     = 00000000
Highest address   = 00001633
Pad Byte          = FF
pi@cosmac:~/elf/forth $ ls -l
insgesamt 40
-rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi 12132 Jan 13 12:36 forth.hex
-rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi  2890 Jan 13 12:36 idiot_new.hex
-rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi  5684 Jan 13 12:41 msc-forth.bin
-rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi 15022 Jan 13 12:36 msc-forth.hex

Now upload and start msc-forth:

pi@cosmac:~/elf/RaspiElf/chase $ bin2elf -w -r msc-forth.bin
0x1634 bytes written

and start the terminal emulator (console):

pi@cosmac:~/elf/RaspiElf/chase $ microcom -s 2400

-- Peter Schmid - 2019-01-13


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